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Leather Wall Panels – decorative panelling ‘Leatherwall’ by Studioart

studioart wall panels leatherwall 1a Leather Wall Panels   decorative panelling Leatherwall by Studioart
Leather has long been among the most lavish, luxurious materials to wear, and now it’s made the bold move into homes with these stylish leather wall panels from Italy. Fashion-forward company Studioart has designed Leatherwall to dress your home to the nines in leather’s supple look and feel, with stylish patterns, dimensions and the most elegant colors to complement your contemporary living room, library, bedroom, bathroom or den. With a one-of-a-kind look to each panel, you can guarantee your home a look that’s as original as your personality. Adding convenience to style, this leather wall panelling is a versatile way to decorate, because it’s easy to relocate when you’re redecorating or moving. More information of the Leatherwall decorative panelling system is available at Studioart.
studioart wall panels leatherwall 2 Leather Wall Panels   decorative panelling Leatherwall by Studioart




  • tina

    where can I purchase this type of wall covering in gold as showned?