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Beauty in Harmony: Cantilevered Lake Cottage with White Cedar Exteriors and White Oak Interiors

This cantilevered lake cottage is nothing less than beauty in harmony. The white Cedar exterior is a hint of what’s to come when you open the door – gorgeous white Oak interiors. Christopher Simmonds Architect designed this incredible cottage in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec, close to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

The cantilevered room juts out of the Canadian Shield over the edge of a cliff for incredible views of the adjacent lake. The sleeping rooms are embedded into the rock for peace, quiet and darkness. Exterior cladding is composed of an open-joint eastern white cedar, left unfinished to age with the elements.
And how’s this for a piece of Canadiana? The chair is upholstered in the iconic – and highly coveted – Hudson’s Bay Blanket. You cannot get more Canadian than the Hudson’s Bay company, the country’s oldest trading post (department store). Those blankets were traded for furs by explorers in the 18th century. Possibly right on the same piece of ground!
White Oak boards on the wall and floor gives a warm feeling to this modernist home. Access to the exterior is provided by a walkout from the lower level recreation room.
The kitchen is the height of minimalism – but highly functional.
Slabs of silver maple created the bathroom vanity. We love the linear motion all this wood creates.
The glass balustrades and large size glazings give the cottage an airy feel – and allow the wonders of nature to be brought into the home.
The home was designed to maximize air flow and take advantage of the natural cooling qualities of the lake.
The softness and shadows of the filtered forest light creates an intimate relationship between the exterior and the interior.
This beautiful contemporary cottage shines like the brightest star in the forest on this chilly winter’s day.
The stairwell is encased in steel, also left unfinished to age with the elements, and as it gets rusted it gets more in synch with the White Cedar exteriors.
Photographs: Doublespace Photography.
Building Contractor: Timber Wolf Developments Inc.


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