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Kyle Bunting Luxury Hide Carpets and Wall Coverings for Contemporary Tastes

Kyle Bunting hide Limelight carpet
Hide carpets and wall coverings need not be stuffy or old-fashioned, as this dynamic selection from Kyle Bunting demonstrates in no uncertain fashion. Redefining the use of hide in interior design, Kyle Bunting offers astounding carpet styles in contemporary colors and configurations. With a design studio based in Texas Hill Country, just outside Austin, you can be sure that the products are of American style and quality. Pictured here are just a handful of the carpet designs achieved for private residences or design professions. Circular and linear patterns are key players of the look, although Kyle Bunting also supplies hides for architectural and upholstery applications. To express your love of design that enhances your environment with color, texture and style, try these luxury hide carpets and wall coverings.
Kyle Bunting hide Rewind carpet
Kyle Bunting Rewind carpet details
Kyle Bunting Rewind carpet in white and green

Kyle Bunting Rewind carpet in white, green and black


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