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Kitchen trends to embrace the new year

This year, it’s all about embracing every room and giving it, its spotlight. Whether you’re working on redecorating your bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom or even your foyer this year you want to create sections. Although most times, it’s all about making the entire home feel sleek, this time it’s about bringing a personal character to every room. With that being said, here are 2020’s kitchen trends to embrace and fall in love with.

Navy, & Navy Again

Pair your navy bits with pattern, to further allow the color to come to life while break away from the richness of the color.

While we all love and adore a white kitchen this year we are looking at color. It’s all about color, but not just any hue- navy. Navy is coming in strong for the kitchen, whether you display it on the walls or paint your cabinets its completely up to you. Furthermore, you could do both, or embrace navy in multiple different finishes such as matte, silk or luminous.

Welcome Slab

The more veining your slab has the better. It’s all about creating that contrast, while still being sleek and cohesive. Work with color to truly make the room come to life.

Slab is not only a color but its a texture form, bring it in as backsplash to make a statement. Pair it with other bright colored bits to truly make the slab feel as fresh and new as possible. Let’s not forget your slab already has weaved in veining in gold, silver or both. Having this feature will further showcase just how welcoming slab can be.

Double on the Islands

Whether the islands are identical or not having two is the key. Work with islands that embrace the room instead of taking away from it. 

Expanding a kitchen’s appeal is excellent for those that want to use their kitchen for more than just cooking. Which is where having a double island will come into play. Having double islands is great for those that want to add an area to eat, sit or do both. Additionally, you might want to consider having another sink on that island, to truly make the room come to life.

Steel Hoods

Your steel hood works great for those that have a lighter kitchen. It will enhance the room while making the space feel fresh and new every time.

Many will say that having a hood in the kitchen is quite the statement piece, and while that is true as classic hoods do make a statement, this year it’s all about steel ones. But not just any steel hood, steel hoods that are full-blown in size. Stay away from wood hoods and painted ones and go for a full-blown steel one and charm the room overall.

Glamorize the Classic

Keep the chandelier as sleek as possible, with the idea of having glamour felt throughout. Embrace the room’s touch.

Classic decor will always be a statement, particularly this year. But this time it’s getting an upgraded twist, the twist being glamour. While last year it was all about adding modern bits, this time it’s all on having a glamorous touch. Work on upgrading your light fixtures and going for a charming hint that makes sense to the room overall. Furthermore, you can almost say adding a touch of glamour will immediately freshen up the room overall.

Unexpected Color

Orange is fantastic when you are working on adding color, it works great while making the room feel sleek with an edge.

Color has always been a good idea, but not just any kind of color, the unexpected kind. Though we have always focused and loved the idea of having color displayed throughout, we love this concept even more. It’s about incorporating color on regular appliances, this will refresh the area while giving you the most used bits a special and custom look. It’s the idea of having your area bright and airy that truly embraces the room’s aesthetic.

Gravity Defying

Pair with smaller stools to ensure you truly have a floating island. It’s all about creating contrast.

Many people are looking to keep their home and space as clean and airy as possible while having all the appliances they love on hand. With that in mind, gravity-defying islands are coming at us with a bang. Many have yet to hear about this, so let us explain, the function of the island remains the same, but the layout is a bit different as it’s quite lightweight and less bulky. There is also an area of the island that does not have a finish to it, instead, it is open and airy.

Open Shelving Decor

When it comes to floating shelves you want to work with a sleek display that makes the room feel put together yet modern.

Instead of being busy and displaying everything on your open shelving, this year you want to use your open shelving as decor. Using it as decor will immediately make the room feel sleek, charming and cohesive all at once. Furthermore, it’s perfect for those that want to keep their decor minimal without taking away from the room’s approach.

Dark Countertops

The darker your countertops are the better! It’s all about making them be the drama the kitchen needs.

Though white and gray kitchens will always remain a top contender this year it’s more about warming up the room. You can almost consider it an easy form of bringing character to the room. It’s the perfect form of making the room come to life while still being unique. Keep your darker element easy on the eye to ensure the room feels modern but classic. It’s all about bringing wood and making it feel new and fresh.

Matching Backdrop with Countertop

The idea is to make sure the room feel cohesive and sleek. Additionally, you want to make the room feel more modern without taking away from the room.

Even though most of us love the idea of having a unique element, sometimes keeping it classy is the way to go. With that being said, matching your backdrop with your countertop is not only classy but it brings the modern vibe with it. You can almost say matching these together will make the room come to life. Additionally, it’s a clean, contemporary approach.

These trends are coming to take over and we are obsessed! Which of these are you interested in trying? Share with us below.


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