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Outdoor Furniture from Some – Keep Good Company with Friends furniture

Some Friends outdoor furniture
Get some friends round to your place this summer and enjoy the gorgeous range of Friends outdoor furniture from Some. The lovely cool turquoise lounge, pictured here, is refreshing in more than one way… it gets you out of the sun under the generous umbrella, and provides a bottle holder to keep bottles of mineral water cool in the shade. With enough room for you and a friend, the outdoor lounge has separately adjustable backrests. For a larger informal gathering on the patio, the block-like modern sofa options are highly adaptable with island, sofa, corner and back seats to mix and match as you please. The Friends collection also features poufs, ottomans, coffee tables and side pieces to add. Hardwearing bases with comfortable cushions in a variety of materials, this outdoor furniture is from Some.
Some Friends bottle holder
Some Friends outdoor lounge

Some Friends furniture is good for kids


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