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Jump bathroom faucet by Antonio Bullo for Carlo Nobili spa Rubinetterie

The essence of the Jump bathroom faucet by Antonio Bullo is its ability to emulate qualities of the water that is meant to flow through it. This elegant bathroom faucet is a masterpiece of modern design as determined by its superior form and function. Its dynamic shape is reflective of the water’s fluidity as it courses through the faucet and into the basin. This high tech creation is completely smooth and flawless, allowing no interruption of continuity to prevent the water from reaching its destination. The functionality of this faucet might only be rivaled by its own exquisite form – a form that reflects its purpose but tricks the eye into thinking that the design must have been created solely to provide aesthetic value. The Jump line is available in several versions, from deck mount faucets, to wall mounts, to tub fillers, all available from Carlo Nobili spa Rubinetterie.



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