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Juliette Airbath from Oceania Baths

Distinctive and attention grabbing, the new Oceania Juliette airbath offers custom style and wonderful spa treatments. Offering the classic form of a traditional claw-foot bath, the outside can be custom painted to match wallpaper borders, marble patterns or simply with the pattern of your choice. Perfect for complimenting existing interiors or creating a new and dynamic accent for contemporary bathrooms. Beside its unique exterior, the Oceania Baths Juliette airbath also offers a fabulous AeroMassage. One of the most hygienic therapeutic baths available, Oceania’s AeroMassage AirBath System bring modern convenience to traditional elegance. Available in both 73” and 66” lengths, the award winning Juliette bath from Oceania Baths combines classic forms with modern patterns, colours and luxury. Call 1-877-332-4224 for more information.


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