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Japanese House Design – three-wall design houses 24 sound proof rooms!

Inhabited by a professional pianist based in Tokyo, innovative architects Yasuhiro Yamashita and Takada Masahiko of renowned Japanese architecture firm Atelier Tekuto have made some beautiful music of their own in the form of this inspired house design. Dubbed Music House, this modern home boasts a unique three-wall design resulting in a triangular footprint. A balustrade terrace with aluminum louvers provides shade while creating a balanced facade. The home’s uniquely angled roofline translates into unusually shaped rooms inside – 24 in total, spread throughout the home’s three storeys. On special request, each room is suitable for practicing music, thanks to high-performance acoustical enhancements and sound proofing incorporated into the design. Apart from their function, interiors are contemporary, yet classic, featuring the industrial look of cool concrete against a rich, natural backdrop of wood and windows. Atelier Tekuto.



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