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Jagged Coastal Studio on Fogo Island’s “Iceberg Alley”

For such a small spot on the map, Newfoundland’s Fogo Island has become an unlikely attraction for architecture aficionados and creative thinkers alike with this ultra modern studio space, designed by Saunders Architecture. Known for another of its notable projects recently featured on our blog, Squish Studio, Canadian architect Todd Saunders, who’s practice is based in Norway, has once again dropped jaws with a bold, contemporary design here on the shores of what is known worldwide as “iceberg alley.”

This modern coastal home draws its inspiration from the jagged rocks dotting the coastline, brought to life in the form of an abstractly shaped vertical tower featuring obtuse angles and an odd, off-center silhouette that echoes the irregular, unpredictable lines and shapes found in nature. The black exterior boasts a large triangular skylight that gives it a contemporary edge.
Inside, the studio takes a sharp turn from the dramatic facade, with minimalist white interiors illuminated by the large skylight, artfully enhancing the sense of space in this compact home. By minimizing interior details and keeping things simple, the designer really lets architecture play the starring role in this show.
The bold facade is instantly visible on the mystical, magical landscape, with fog and clouds swirling around it and the Atlantic Ocean stretching as far as the eye can see. At the center of it all, it’s impossible to overlook this striking studio, which draws in the curious and captivated.
Saunders Architecture
via Archello


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