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Italian Modern Chair from Domodinamica – elegant Calla chair

Taking the concept of “customizable comfort” leaps and bounds beyond the expected, the cool Calla chair combines a sense of playfulness with a functional design and a totally contemporary look. Modern Italian furniture maker Domodinamica has designed the Calla chair with arms that can be manipulated to fit your size, style and comfort criteria at home. It’s an urban must-have for small spaces with extendable armrests that give the chair its funky flair. The Calla chair features polyurethane wrapped around a durable iron frame, and comes clad in your choice of stylish leather or fabric. At the base of the chair, a sleek, high-polish aluminum-alloy base finishes off this elegant look. Calla measures 104.5 cm high by 85 cm deep, and ranges in width from 98 cm in the closed position up to 145 cm wide with arms fully extended. Learn more about this modern Italian chair design by visiting Domodinamica.



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