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Interior Stone Wall Adds Rustic Touch

The Waiheke Rock house, designed by Andrew Patterson, shows how an interior stone wall can add a nice rustic touch to a contemporary home. The neutral color scheme, the sleek wall paneling, the straight lines and the very original fireplace are all elements that make this the contemporary home that it is. But then comes the interior stone wall. It adds so much texture to the space and invites in a cozy, rustic vibe. And it is equally as effective in the living room as it is in the bedroom of this house. The best way to really feel the impact this wall has is to imagine the wall flat, white or gray and glossy instead. The total opposite of what it is. Suddenly the space takes on a more modern feel; no more rustic coziness. Of course, it’s always a matter of taste, but if you’re looking to achieve this rustic vibe in your modern home, a stone wall may be just what you need. For more information about this space and the designers, visit Patterson Associates.
via Designfolio.



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