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Interior Design Spring Trends Are Here!

With a new season upon us, many homeowners will take this time to redecorate and bring a fresh vibe to their home. What better way to do this than to learn about the latest spring trend’s and incorporate them into your current decor. With that being said, here are the latest spring trends that are completely taken over.

Less is More

This spring you want to have one the items that make sense to you in the room, if it feels a bit too much you don’t want to have it at all.

This spring we are focusing more on sustainability and less on adding too many details to the room. Being strategic of what pieces of furniture you use is the key. You want to have signature pieces with other hints of detailing that bring character and beauty to a room.

Feminine Hues

When working with feminine hues you want to make sure you add those warmer hues in order to create a sleek balance.

Colors are becoming less about gender and more about personality- that is where feminine hues come into play. The biggest color palette this year will be a dusty rose, blush, and bronze. These shades have something quite feminine about them yet extremely versatile. Pair with warm hues to break up your feminine shades and give the room a more updated fresh look.

Dominating Art

When it comes to large art pieces you want to have as much color as possible for a beautiful contrast that expands throughout the room in a cohesive manner.

Artwork is coming with a vengeance this year! The bigger the art piece the better. The idea is to have a bold art piece and working with daring colors, patterns, and textures. Do not be afraid of taking charge of the room and making it feel as risky as possible. Think of “more is more” as the main purpose of the room.

Floral Fabrics & Wallpaper

You want an almost fabric feel to your walls, your floral display should feel almost as if you can touch it and make it come to life.

If you were thinking floral is out of style you are mistaken, floral is coming in extremely strong this year. This is particularly true when it comes to floral fabric and wallpaper. Abstract or full-on floral will be the appeal to look out for.

Rich Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are coming grand as you want to work on layering with them as much as possible. The key is layering as many tones as possible for a seamless touch that brings an edge to the room in a cohesive manner.

We are looking at rich jewel tones as the hues to look out for. The key is layering the rich tones one on top of the other and allowing them to mesh well together. Add a bold wall and allow the rich tones to bounce off the jewel hues for a bold pairing that adding a risky almost eclectic factor.


A pattern backsplash is an excellent option when you want to bring forth the beauty of your room with color and appeal.

Kitchens are getting a makeover, we are no longer looking at simple backdrops that add subtle color, this season we are gravitating towards bold, vibrant colors and patterns. The key is adding a touch of something special to the kitchen space while changing the feel of the room.

Four-poster Bed

A four-poster bed will command your attention no matter where you place it, therefore, you want to decorate around it for a cohesive, feel in the room.

If you are looking for a bed that will feel cozy and intimate from the moment you see it, this bed is the way to go. The reason for this being it comes with four sides, which means the bed has an intimate shape that gives you hat extra dose of comfort.

Bright Boho

When it comes to Boho brights the brighter the better, the idea is to have as many colors layered as possible. The idea is to have a bold touch to your colorful element.

While layering fabrics is very much on trend, this season we will be seeing them with a boho feel that is brighter. We are looking at more curved lines with a mixture of vintage and traditional while making the space feel unique and put together. The idea is to make the room have a boho vibe while being crisp and clean.

Acrylic Bits

Place your acrylic table in the middle of the table to make the room feel put together and cohesive while being appealing and fun to the room.

Acrylic furniture is coming in a huge way, due to how versatile they can be. Pair them in a colorful room for a beautiful contrast that brightens the room in an overall manner. The key is to have the acrylic table be one of the biggest statement pieces in the room.

Black Bathrooms

A dark shade such as black might not seem like the best color for a room when you are working on incorporating spring to your decor but it’s quite versatile

Black bathrooms are a top favorite this year. We are looking at a spa-like touch that is still extremely edgy and appealing to the eye. The idea is to add a sultry touch that makes the room come back to life in a versatile manner. You want to consider the size of your room before using this idea. Nonetheless, a smaller bathroom might feel over baring due to how darkening a dark hue can be.

Which of these spring trends are you most excited about? Share with us below.


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