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Innovative Architectural Design by Multiplicities

Designed by New York-based architects Multiplicities, the ultra-modern (X) House design is a memorable addition to Ordos 100 – a project in Inner Mongolia, China featuring innovative residential designs of 100 architectural firms and master-planned by artist Ai Wei Wei. (X) House is an organic, elliptical-shaped structure with an unexpected element of urban-cool. This contemporary design features curved exterior walls of black brick, enclosing around a central X-shaped “void” made of white quartz plaster. As described by the architects, “The ‘( )’ is imploded by the ‘X’ that expands and contracts from within, creating a dramatic void and multiple terraces at different levels from which to view the surrounding river landscape.” This innovative interior feels carved from the inside out, creating wonderful light-filled funnels that open to the sky, and dramatically shaped architectural features inside. Multiplicities
An interesting tidbit about (X) House – the “(X)” is not just the name of this innovative design, but it’s also the shape of the house. The ( and ) form the exterior walls, while the X is visible as the home’s interior in a cross-section of the design



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