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Industrial Chic Home Created out of a Shipping Container in Portugal

Studio Arte has been exploring the concept of nomadic living through their architectural practice and this shipping container retreat located in Algarve, Portugal is their first prototype. The home is a mobile, sustainable and economical getaway built to the local building code standards and is completely contained within one unit. The shipping container has been adjusted to include mechanical, engineering and architectural features in order to offer everything needed within a singular living space.

The home away from home has been painted a bright orange as a statement that it is not afraid to be seen peeking out from the lush natural landscape offered by the site location. Much of the façade has been cut out and replaced with a large pair of sliding glass doors flanked by windows. An overhang offers a sheltered place to enjoy the deck and curtains on the deck can be pulled shut for privacy.
The deck runs the length of the façade and wraps around both sides as well. The curtains that flank the metal posts along the deck soften the overall look of the hard steel shell while at the same time adding a comfortable and homey touch.
The deck is about 6′ wide – perfect for an outdoor sitting and sleeping area. What better way to enjoy the afternoon sunshine then by swinging peacefully on a hammock under the shade of a tree?
The sitting area on the deck is perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying a good book.
industrial-chic-home-created-from-shipping-container-portugal-6- living.jpg
Of course if you would rather hang out inside, the living space offers a fun wallpaper graphic on the long wall complete with the same orange used on the outside of the container. The container is deep enough for a couch complete with chaise on one side and two accent chairs on the other, which is a similar layout to most living spaces in conventional homes. Just beside the living area is the dining zone.
The dining zone uses a bar height table pushed close to the wall with two bar height chairs in front. If company is over, the table can be pulled out from the wall and 4 additional chairs can be pulled up. The wallpaper graphic blends harmoniously with the white table and chairs and the use of turquoise glassware is a fun and lively pop. A storage ladder leans casually against the wall, adding to the contemporary feel of the space and the utilitarian choice of lighting adds to the industrial flavour that the shipping container naturally has.
On the other side of the living area is a window overlooking the approach to the home. The approach is wide enough for a vehicle but is kept in a natural state for that country lane vibe.
The far side of the home is the sleeping zone – both inside and out. Imagine pulling the deck curtains and spending the night sleeping on the hammock – pure bliss.
Whether during the day or night, this shipping container design by Studio Arte offers a fully functional and modern home away from home that can be enjoyed both indoors and out. The industrial home nestled into the organic landscape is both beautiful and inspiring.
Studio Arte


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