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Refreshing Ideas For An Outdoor Shower

There is nothing quite as relaxing and luxurious as an outdoor shower. Whether you decide to install a minimalist piece, or you go all out, an outdoor shower could be the refreshing touch your outdoor space needs for the warm summer months. The following outdoor shower ideas will bring an invigorating touch right where you need it.

Spring Oasis

Adding natural elements around will add to the “oasis” feel of the space. Consider having hints of color added to your oasis. The colors will bring vitality and beauty while still feeling natural. Keep the space simple as much as you can. This is great when you have a smaller space. 

Why have a traditional shower head when you can have a spring oasis? A spring oasis showerhead is specifically created for the outdoor space. The reason for this is they tend to have a wider water coverage, which in return will give you a summery resort feel. Pair with a few plants for a complete vacation vibe.

Create a Sanctuary

Adding a copper tub is an excellent form of getting in color while having that cozy aspect in the space. Doing so creates that classic cozy feel that is perfect for those warmer summer nights that need a bit of refreshing water in a lavish setting. Plus let’s not forget the stand alone tub will bring an elegant vibe.

Creating a private sanctuary could be just what you need to fall in love with your outdoor space. In order to create that simple sanctuary, you want to use a tub, we love the use of a copper, metallic tub paired with simple elements around that allow it to become the main focus of the space.


Create an encased wooden oasis by creating a secluded space made mainly out of wood. You may want to consider adding bits of greenery for a natural element while still having that wooden space.

Become one with nature by having an all-wooden shower. The idea is to have that classic natural feel yet also have an intimate and secluded area. Keep the space as natural to the space as possible for the perfect all wood aesthetics.

Farmhouse Charm

If you want to create that more intimate shower space a classic farmhouse outdoor shower could be exactly what you need. You can utlize swinging doors for that indoor/outdoor feel and even add a light fixture for a classic blend.

Farmhouse décor has become quite the trend due to its beautiful yet simple aesthetics. For a farmhouse charm, outdoor shower insert hues of blue and bits of wood you may even want to have a small chair as part of the outdoor shower space.

Stone Zen

Stone is not only soothing but its cooling as well, this is especially great if you live in a very warm area. The stone will remain cool regardless of the weather. You may even want to have a stone flooring for a well-rounded appeal that looks natural to the space.

Stone elements add a hint of Zen that is very “vacation inspired” you may even want to have a stone wall and add your showerhead to it. It will bring a Zen appeal without the outrageous price tag. Keep the rest of the décor simple to allow the wall to be the main focus.

Embrace the Greenery

Think about your outdoor shower as an extension of nature and all of its elements. Adding natural greenery will do just that to the space. The key is working with colors that make sense naturally to your decor. Use hints of bold flowers to bring the space even more back to life. 

If your space is surrounded by greenery, you want to embrace it. Embracing the greenery will bring a more natural, aesthetics to your outdoor shower. To complement your greenery, add hints of stone and use a tub/shower. The combination of both will elevate the space.

Stylish Open Air

An open-air outdoor shower is always a good idea. Consider adding a tub or two with a showerhead as well for a full-rounded luxury piece that stands out in your outdoor space. It can even become your main focus.

Keep it simple, keep it airy and keep it chic by using an open-air concept with hues of white. The airiness from the white paired with the open space concept will be easy to create especially if you have a smaller space for your outdoor shower.

Go Industrial

We love the use of concrete to create an industrial take as an outdoor shower.  Add two showerheads in the space for that modern touch that is still very much industrial. Place within a greenery space and your outdoor bathroom will feel as if it belongs naturally in the space.

A simple industrial built outdoor shower could be the only detailing your outdoor space is missing. With industrial décor, you can go simple and still make a huge statement. Doing so will bring that modern touch that easy on the eye and the space.

The Power of Color

Color is extremely powerful in any space but there is something extra beautiful and modern about using it as part of your outdoor shower. Use colorful tiles to create a bold pattern and bring a bit more color to your outdoor space.

Color is a very powerful element, even when it comes to your outdoor shower. Consider painting a wall with a bold hue that adds a pop of color and brings beauty back into your exterior.

A Simple Tub

A simple tub could be the perfect element to bring that refreshing feel to your outdoor tub. Pair with natural bits that already surround the area for that “its always been there” aesthetics.

A tub might be just what your space needs, instead of using a showerhead you might just want a relaxing tub. The tub could provide that hint of interior décor that you may want to have in the space.

It may be time to consider an outdoor shower for a refreshing touch. Which of these ideas do you want to use in your home? Share with us in the comments below.


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