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How to decorate a small Patio – 10 inspiring ideas

Okay, it’s hot outside and you are ready to embrace summer by making your patio your go-to place. However, you have a small space and are afraid to add too much decor. We are here to tell you to not be scared and to embrace the space with these tips! It’s all about making the space come to life without going overboard. Here are a few tips to help you do just that easily and seamlessly.

Foldable Umbrella

The larger your umbrella the bigger the statement allowing you to truly make the room come to life with bold color and appeal.

Create the ultimate appeal of warmth and charm by bringing in a foldable umbrella. Foldable umbrellas are great when you want to create a charming space while still bringing in coverage from the sun. It’s the perfect excuse for those that want to keep your décor as simple as possible with an engaging aspect to it. Bring in a large umbrella that makes any room come to life with ease.

Large Ottoman

Use your ottoman as a table or chair and embrace having it as the main focus. You might even consider having your chairs point directly to the ottoman for a grander appeal.

Having a large ottoman not only works great when you want to showcase a bold appeal, but it works as a second layer of seating. The large aspect of it will instantly become a focal point for your décor, which is why you want to bring in a patterned ottoman as that will further showcase the bold aspect of your décor. Furthermore, work with an ottoman that is bold in color so that it comes to life instantly.

Mixing Neutrals

There is a grandiose amount of neutral hues you can choose from, which is why blending them together works so well. Bring in darker hues for a seamless edge.

Make your patio the oasis it deserves to be by adding a mixture of neutrals. Neutrals are many times underestimated due to many thinking they only bring a tiny bit of texture when in reality they add a whole lot of appeal to a room. Keep the room cohesive and charming by keeping your neutrals as the main statement, but adding a few colorful twists here and there. Bring in a large planter and has it made a daring statement due to its authenticity size.

Petite Table

Whether it is round, square, or oval a smaller table should serve as an accent touch not anything bold. You want to ensure it makes the room feel chic yet minimal.

Though many patio table sets tend to be large, having a smaller space will not allow you to have such a bold element- that is where a petite table will come in handy. The quintessential aspect of this idea is having a large sofa and pairing it with a small table. It’s all about creating a multidimensional approach with little to no added décor.

Breathe Life

The bolder and green your plants are the more life your patio will have. It’s all about breathing life into the space seamlessly.

When you’re outdoors you want to breathe as much life as possible. But what does that mean exactly? It means working with an abundance of different plants. Whereas using multiple different hues might feel like you’re taking away from your décor, bring in plants will not. Plants add color, charm, and appeal by simply being themselves. Merge plants in a multitude of hues and sizes to further showcase what your patio space has to offer.

Hanging Lanterns

Your lanterns do not need to be large, they can be small and delicate while making the room feel new and fresh. Add chic chairs to complete the look.

Enjoy being outdoors at any time of the day by adding your light fixtures. Though you want to bring in your fixtures you want them to be as custom as possible. Reason why we recommend bringing in hanging lanterns. Lanterns have a warming aspect to them that make any space come to life with a dash of warmth. Use multiple lanterns and have them blend with your décor.

Patterned Stools

Even if it is stool cushions you want to make the best of the room with a chic appeal that makes the room come to life easily and quickly.

When it comes to outdoor décor you want to take it to the next level while keeping your décor as level as possible. This can be done by bringing patterned stools. Stools not only bring in additional seating, but it subsequently adds a daring vibe with daring patterns and colors that further showcase the décor you already have. Maintain the rest of your décor simple to ensure your stools are that focal point.

Think Wicker

The lighter your wicker furniture the minimal your decor will appeal. Take it to the next level by adding a patterned approach that makes the space feel grand and charming.

If you plan on leaving your furniture outdoors throughout the year, you want to keep in mind the material your furniture is. When doing so, consider wicker. Wicker is thick enough to remain completely intact throughout any type of weather including snow. Therefore, making it quintessential to those that live in places that get the four seasons. Add cushions to your wicker décor to add a comfortable flair to the much thicker material.

Floating Plants

Bring in boxes of planters to fully showcase your plants the way you wish to do so, in a chic type of way.

Let’s say you’re not a fan of plants yet you want to bring in color and texture to further brighten your patio- it’s time to consider floating plants. Hear us out, floating plants work due to how easy they are to work with while being feminine and airy. Work with different size plants and allow them to make a statement on their very own.

Multiuse Station

It’s all about making your cart feel as new and fresh as possible while being versatile enough that the room has that seamless charm.

When you’re sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is go inside for any needed items. Reason why having a multipurpose station right outdoors makes perfect sense. It adds a second layer of convenience while still being easy on the eye and working with the décor you already have. Paint a cart a bold color and have that become the perfect DIY touch.

Work with the décor you already have to create as much of an oasis as possible. When it comes to creating the perfect small patio which of these are you most excited about? Share with us below.


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