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How to Choose Furniture for a Living Room – a Perfect Example by Cloud Studios

Cloud Studios has given us the perfect example of how to choose furniture for your living room. We think they did an incredible job picking furniture to create an overall theme. This fantastic loft apartment interior is in London, England. It’s definitely all about the casement windows in this place and they matched everything to those. The lighting fixtures are selected to follow the same light and airy metal construction as the windows. We love how the dark metal is picked up in the series of pendants over the dining room table. The aluminum dining room chairs, the iron metal occasional tables, metal shelving – it all continues the same light, metallic frame motif. The metal components are slender pieces and this keeps the mood of the space open and airy. There is so much light in this loft that it was a natural angle to pursue and the last thing they wanted was to weigh the ambience down. Even the sofa is not a heavy design and the dark blue plays nicely off the predominantly silver room. A great design, well executed.

Via: HomeDSGN


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