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Hommage Royale Tub by Villeroy & Boch – as Luxury as it gets

The most beautiful claw-foot tub we ever saw… Exquisite and luxurious, traditional soaking tub from Villeroy & Buch, the Hommage Royale could use a more romantic name. Hommage Royale is a free-standing acrylic bath with a 39″ high back rest. For its gracious look, it weights only 54 kg (119 lb) and measures 67″ x 30″ x 30″ (170 x 76 x 76 cm). Comes in several variations of white, beige, and light grey-greenish colors. While chrome-plated feet are standard the high-grade brass and gold are also available. Price: around $5000. Villeroy & Boch

Because the water lines are exposed you may have to deal with matching plumbing to the feet color.


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