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Home Designed for Family Fun and Creativity

HAO Design has created a fun filled private home called Family Playground located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The home has been designed for family fun and creativity and contains such inspirational elements as a chalkboard wall, a loft space with slide accessed by stairs incorporated into a bookshelf, pendant lamps with display space and a dining table with a central trough for holding pens, pencils, small plants and more.

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Aside from creating a space that allows the home’s children to grow and explore in an outside the box interior, the home is also designed with naturalistic interiors, filled with pale woods, soft greens and multiple plant zones.

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The fun and creativity begin from the moment you enter the house. A green chalkboard wall is used for notes, lists and a place for the daughter to get creative. It also features a fun birdhouse light sconce on the wall as a way of including a nod to nature.


Immediately to the left of the front door is a wall of cabinets in a soft shade of nature’s green. Included in the millwork is a niche that holds an upright piano where the daughter can learn about music from their mother.


Just around the corner of the front entrance, on the right is the kitchen. Here the millwork has left the soft green behind in favor of a pale shade of grey. The kitchen is centrally located within the home, dividing the social area from the private zones.


The large dining table is positioned in the space between the music station and the kitchen. The table is outfitted with numerous creative moments starting with the bench that boasts two different backrests.


A trough in the middle of the dining table holds air cleaning spider plants as well the daughter’s art supplies. Additional supplies are contained within a white shelving unit that has a creative moment of it’s own.


Above the table a pair of light pendants called “Favorite Thing” feature clear shades with holes cut into them for easy access to change out the daughter’s handmade crafts featured within and back-lit by the bulb above.


Behind the dining table is a small alcove designed for the daughter as her own personal hangout, it is one of two locations specifically for her own imaginative playtime.


The second space is directly above the small alcove in a similar sized loft accessed by the creative moment within the bookshelf – stairs. Aside from the stairs leading to and from the loft, a removable slide offers a fast “get away”.


The slide is built using mortice and tenon construction for strength and durability, making it easy to disassemble and reassemble.


The slide ends in the veranda area which includes multiple plants or air cleansing and a swing for “hanging out”.


When the slide is disassembled the veranda becomes a much larger entertainment space.


A second space for entertainment or family socializing is just around the corner from the bookshelf, across from the kitchen island. The open wall shelving on the one side of this space denotes the hallway that leads to the social zone starting with the guest bathroom which is one of the three bathrooms located in the home.


The guest bathroom is back to back with the daughter’s bathroom which has a private entrance from her bedroom. The bedroom also has a small study area built into a wall of storage for her clothing and toys.


Both the daughters bedroom and the parents’ bedroom are at the end of the hall and each has its own ensuite but while the daughter’s bedroom is pink, the master suite is decorated with a more natural palette of pale wood, sky blues and garden greens.


The parents have designated an area within their master suite for their daughter to play.


HAO Design Studio
Photography by Hey!Cheese
HAO Design Studio is very adept at creating a relaxing environment at home but is equally as good at creating a colorful, fun and functional decor such as this Lego inspired interior.



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