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Hole-in-the-wall fireplace from Magiglo – the contemporary gas fireplace Stratus

The Stratus hole-in-the-wall fireplace brings the warm vitality of fire in a small frame format. Like a living picture this gas fireplace floats high up the wall, adding a dynamic decorative element. A thick frame of smooth Asatine, Gunmetal, Taupe, Tungsten, or Black rings a single ribbon of flame. The austere surface draws attention to the flickering vibrant fire, while complimenting any decor with sophisticated style. The Stratus fireplace is available with a range of interiors; smooth limestone, black reflective glass, or black reed interiors create a dynamic background. For added interest there is an optional shingle fuel-bed. Available from Magiglo the Stratus retails at £679 or $1,330.


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