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Hillside Home Is Wood Frame Construction With Concrete Facade

Located in Vitznau, Lucerne, Switzerland and surrounded by the Lake Lucerne landscape this Vacation home was envisioned by the homeowners to be a wood framed home, however the hillside geography of the site was better suited to a concrete structure that could withstand the homes load bearing capacity and could be anchored into the hillside for stability. When faced with the dilemma of the clients wants verses the structural needs, “Lischer Partner Architekten” came up with a creative solution of combining the two materials. The final result is a wood frame construction that is then clad with a concrete shell. This “House within a house” uses a prefabricated timber frame interior and an air-blown concrete façade that contains Wesen gravel to tie in with the reddish tones and graininess of the hill’s rock face.

The view from the home is a stunning one – even on a misty day. From the deck, fixed glass panels offer both safety and unobstructed views. Larch decking boards are installed to point at the view.
The living space is enveloped in Larch – as is the rest of the home. An over-sized linen couch is covered with an over-sized faux fur through and a large black ottoman act both as the coffee table and a foot rest. The large mural behind the couch is a story of muted tones so as not to compete with the lake views through the huge expanse of window. Floor to ceiling draperies frame the window in a pale shade of cream, quietly blending with the Larch wood walls. A grey area rug plays off of the pale grey linen couch. A tall Pedestal floor lamp gives off both ambient and statement lighting through its laser cut piercings.
The dining space is a modern landscape of white on white. 10 moulded plastic and chrome chairs surround a large grey table covered in a white tablecloth. Two contemporary pendant lights repeat the laser cut piercings of the Living area’s floor lamp. Here white curtains frame an outdoor eating niche that leads onto a larger and longer deck area. Just off of the dining area is a Galley Kitchen.
The kitchen is a study in minimalism. Clean lines create a continuous run of Larch and hide all the cabinetry. A stainless steel cut out section is the counter, the sink, and task lighting. The workspace is also part of a wrap around hallway and hidden behind the kitchen is a flight of stairs that leads to the bedrooms.
The wrap around hallway continues past the staircase on the end and leads back to the eating area.
There are two sets of stairs that lead down to the two levels of bedrooms. One on either end of the home.
There are two bedrooms on each of the two lower levels. Each bedroom has its own ensuite located in such a way that it too, has a wrap around passageway. Each bedroom also has a panoramic view through a huge window.
On the mid level of the home, aside from the two bedrooms, there is a wing that contains a sauna.
Each level has access to the outside whether through decks or land access.
Access to the home is through a car bridge that leads to the garage.
The lower level has a small outdoor area seeded with grass.
At night the concrete shell is pierced with cubes of light.
A bridge leads to an open courtyard with a garage and the entrance to the house.
Upper level floor plan
Mid level floor plan
Lower level floor plan
Lischer Partner Architects


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