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Having a Fireplace as a Focal Point has Never Looked More Unusual

Having a fireplace as the focal point for your house might be an unusual choice – but this one is just stunning, isn’t it? Designed to look like fishnet stockings, no less. This fireplace is the brainchild of Russian architectural firm, Panacom. And it was built as the focal point for Python House, a project in the Moscow region. This massive fireplace could have ended up overwhelming the room, but it doesn’t. It was clearly designed with great regard. Framing it in on all sides and adding the colorful fishnet pattern has made it a large part of the design of the house. And note that this is a two-level fireplace. Denoted by differences in color – the purples and blues of the first floor make way to greens and yellows above. And it flows so seamlessly, tying the two floors together. A fantastic fireplace – from Russia with love.

Via: Archello


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