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Sustainable Cottage by Carter+Burton – Red Oak Mountain House

This little sustainable cottage is anything but quaint. Actually, it’s not so little either. Architects Carter+Burton had big visions for this modern mountain-side retreat. The Red Oak Mountain House in Woodville, Virginia, sprawls across the sloped terrain to exploit the breathtaking views and the passive solar energy. The sunroom’s slate floor absorbs the sun to heat the cottage when needed, while an overhanging roof helps to cool the house with simple shade. A closed-loop geothermal heat pump kicks up the home’s heating and cooling naturally. Stone, wood and glass are major players in both this home’s rustic exterior and its contemporary, polished interior. Wooden floors and beams create warmth against the stone flooring, granite countertops, fireplace and chimney. A hallway leads you through the house, to the private spaces to the north and public living areas to the south. Progressing through the house, its roof rises as the floor drops, creating a theatre effect and putting you front and center with the magnificent view to the south, in the kitchen, Great Room and sunroom. Carter+Burton.



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