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Glowing bathroom sink from Wet – new Meltdown sink – world’s first multimedia sink

With the look of translucent marble, the Meltdown sink by Italy’s WET STUDIO is a sleek addition to any minimalist bath. Unlike marble though, the Meltdown is lightweight, being molded of recyclable Polyethylene. A special Teflon molding process allowed WET to reduce micropores in the Polyethylene surface, creating a basin with exceptionally high resistance to damage and stains. The design of the Meltdown also completely encapsulates the drain plumbing for a sleeker look. All of the technology doesn’t end in the factory though, once installed the Meltdown really begins to shine, or more accurately, glow. WET has incorporated internal lighting into the body of the Meltdown, providing a soft glow to the basin, which is available in translucent orange, lemon, or white, as well as black. The glow can be customized even further with the addition of a small static projection screen, allowing custom messages or artwork to be projected onto the sink surface from the inside. The experience can even move beyond the visual when you add the internal, amplified speaker system, which hooks up to any CD or MP3 source. Simple yet complex, WET seems to have created the world’s first true multimedia wash basin. Wet


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