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Glass house zigzags its way into the San Francisco landscape

Flip House designed by Fougeron Architecture has certainly turned residential architecture on its head! Like many homes in the San Francisco area, this vertically oriented house suffered a disconnect between its multiple levels and its awesome urban surroundings. The architects set out to create a unified house design with a connection to the outside environment. Check it out!

The first thing you’ll notice is a custom built glass facade featuring zigzagging angled walls that, in effect, jut out into the outdoors.
As you stand before these massive windows, looking out, you feel like you are stepping into the landscape. This feature wall also allows natural light to flood the home’s main living areas, inviting the city views inside its clean, contemporary design.
Inside, the home’s levels are connected by a main, industrial style staircase that runs from the ground level garden right up to the top. Flooded with natural light, this stairwell lets light travel freely from floor to floor.
As you enter the house at street level, you’re welcomed by a spacious front foyer leading into the guest room/den. Up the stairs you’ll find the open concept kitchen and living room, offering breathtaking vistas of the city and bay. The home’s stacked floor plan is given continuity via the stairway and a continuous palette of contemporary, crisp white on floors, walls and ceilings, with the eye always returning back to that awesome jagged glazed wall.
Natural light illuminates every nook and cranny of the house, enhancing its sense of space. The glass wall extends sightlines as far as the eye can see.
Fougeron Architecture
Via Contemporist


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