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Glass countryside home with a sweet sustainable side

Netherlands architecture firm 123DV designed this contemporary glass house, aptly dubbed the Bridge House. Set in the countryside, the ultra modern linear silhouette is a far cry from its timber-framed farmhouse neighbors. Inside and out, this look is clean and contemporary, and another interesting feature is one you can’t see outright – it’s self sustaining! Here’s the grand tour.
glass countryside home sustainable 1 Glass countryside home with a sweet sustainable side

This hilltop house was designed as a glass-enclosed bridge of sorts, stretching across a dip in the hill which reveals a below-grade level with walkout access to the outdoors.
glass countryside home sustainable 2 Glass countryside home with a sweet sustainable side
As you enter this unusual home, bright interiors and a sleek aesthetic are a sharp contrast to the rustic park-like setting.
Interiors echo the crisp, clean facade with glass walls and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Though light and airy, and very simple, the style is decidedly decadent. An elegant marble floor is cream colored and streaked with caramel veins – simply delicious! The few carefully considered art pieces and furnishings create striking focal points without competing with the view. Pristine pastoral vistas are visible from every point in this home.
A glass-enclosed staircase leads you up to the home’s second level, past a stunning suspended chandelier that is indeed like modern art in itself.
Perhaps some of the most notable features of the house are those you can’t see at first glance. Totally self-sufficient, this house can run off the grid without skipping a beat, thanks to technologies like a private well supplying the home’s water, solar panels, roof and in-floor heating through thermal energy storage, a rainwater-recycling system, septic tank, shielded power cables, and heat mirror glass that keeps interiors comfortable by blocking out excess heat. Now, that’s cool!
Photo credit: Christiaan de Bruijne



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