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Gem Stone Decorative Hardware from Notting Hill

Beautiful furniture and cupboards deserve the finest accents. For ten years Notting Hill has been creating stunning decorative hardware that adds gorgeous detail. Especially of note are their gem stone knobs and pulls. Each features a glossy semi-precious stone at the centre of a metal handle. The surrounding metal is sculpted in detailed relief that gives fabulous texture and decorative style. Notting Hill offer two styles; you can add British tradition with their Victorian Jewel knobs or Eastern elegance with the Jewelled Lily Knob. Featured gems are Onyx, Red Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine, and Blue Sodalite which can be set into brass, bronze, gold, pewter or nickel. With such a range of gems and material there is the perfect combination for any decor. To add sparkle and decorative distinction Gem Stone Decorative Hardware is created by Notting Hill.



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