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Galvanized Metal Cladding House Built on Budget

This galvanized metal cladding house built on a budget proves that you can have your cake and eat it too. Designed by Substance Architecture, this humble home was built for an Iowa family looking to downsize on this four-acre pastoral property. The structure – a simple galvanized metal tube reminiscent of agricultural structures – captures views of a pond at one end and a meadow at the other. The home’s shape serves up more than just the views. Its shape maximizes its square footage and function on a minimal budget. This farmhouse cottage style home features two glazed facades, and coupled with its orientation, results in a passive solar home. Inside, the open concept house plan promotes socialization and family living, but still offers privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms. The stunning fireplace feature is a certain hotspot in this house. Substance Architecture
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Shimer @ Hedrich Blessing



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