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Ultra-contemporary Luxury Villa Set in the Slopes of Barvikha, Russia

The ultra-contemporary Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid is a modern, private villa of concrete, steel and glass that uses its unique location to carry out this one-of-a-kind, futuristic design. Set on a steep slope in Barvikha, Russia, overlooking the hillside dotted with dachas and lush forest, the architect created a modern layout that would stand out among its surroundings, incorporating a ground-level living area that follows the landscape; and a second volume of space floating 72 ft. in the sky. Inside, the living quarters are divided into a foursome of functional spaces – a basement devoted to leisure and luxury that includes a den, fitness area, massage space and sauna; a ground floor housing the living and dining room, kitchen, indoor swimming pool and integrated parking; the first-floor lobby, library, guest room and bedrooms; and the master bedroom, a lounge and outdoor terrace located on the top level. The Capital Hill luxury villa is due for completion in 2010. Zaha Hadid
via World Architecture News



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