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Futuristic Home Design by Factor Architecture, Netherlands

Designed in close collaboration with the clients, Mr. Anton Schouten and Ms. Hannie Kempink, this futuristic, even whimsical, modern residence by Factor Architecture isn’t quite what you’d expect to find in the quaint Beekbergen village in the Dutch province of Gelderland. This uniquely shaped home has a split personality – a contemporary front elevation with a modern roof design. To one side, the house features a large, sculptural face that tapers at the top of the cool white concrete facade. The opposite facade of the house is an extension of its overarching thatched roof, curving its way over the home’s main living area. Interiors are designed with a truly modern, urban flair. The minimalist backdrop is a perfect showcase for the home’s most-wonderful feature: its windows, which have been incorporated in all shapes and sizes, along the walls and dotting the futuristic roof. Factor Architecture



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