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Fused Glass Pendant Shades – The Quick Connect G530 Series by W.A.C. Lighting

The G530 Series by W.A.C Lighting is a stunning work of art which will make lights extraordinary. The hand-blown glass pendants add gloss and uniqueness, giving a true personal touch. Each fused glass shade is 5 3/4 inches tall and 4 1/8 inches wide and comes in three designer colours. The Green is a lovely almost floral design, giving the impression spring, with growth and warmth. The Multicolour is vibrant, the colours ideal for busy ethnic or Mediterranean designs, while also staying to the basics colours which can enhance many children’s spaces. Finally the White/Black/Clear combination is ideal for minimalist rooms; it adds interest and individuality while not being demanding of attention. The G530 Series all use Quick Connect components which easily adapt to the Low Voltage Monorail System, Monopoints, and Multipoints, as well as the Line and Low Voltage Track Systems, and the Flexrail2 (a 2-circuit Line Voltage Bendable Rail System). W.A.C. Lighting have long been known as a leader in track and monorail lighting, and with these new fused glass shades they make these systems a work of art. W.A.C. Lighting



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