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Funky Beau and Bien Floor Lamp With Group Seating

beau bien urban tree light poolside photo thumb 630x386 14541 Funky Beau and Bien Floor Lamp With Group Seating

Creating a social meeting point swathed in light, this piece from Beau & Bien modernizes the round metal tree-trunk bench commonly found in public parks around the world. At the same time, this specific design applies the idea of the tree bench to a more home-friendly context. Called the Tree of Light, the white and pink combination packages a multitude of useful furniture into a single, all-in-one item.
The Tree of Light is more than just a light fixture, though the LEDs built into it will make sure that the vicinity stays illumated. It also serves as a spot of shade and as a bench, making it the perfect place for conversation on your deck or next to a pool. Beau & Bien, who bill themselves as “lighting sculptors”, have produced an intelligently fashion-conscious blend of functions with the Tree of Light. Every one of its various purposes is executed extremely well, and would be a draw for people visiting your space. It’s ergonomic, fantastically useful, and, above all, looks good doing it.
With every type of potential customer in mind, Beau & Bien offers the Tree of Light in a number of forms. The version shown here is the “Zeste”, with a wicker base. Other models include the “Smile”, which replaces wicker with a smooth fiberglass finish, and the “Union”, which has a flat, teak-finished bench top. Each version includes the distinctive Tree of Light framework and shade up top, to make a statement of design and utility working in harmony.

beau bien urban tree light office scene thumb 630x418 14545 Funky Beau and Bien Floor Lamp With Group Seating

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