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Fun Outdoor Furniture – modern rattan by Onyx

We like to describe this fun outdoor furniture collection by Onyx as “sculptural rattan.” Designed by Gaetan Van de Wyer, a traditional woven material takes on the most modern forms that are as artistically inclined as they are inspired by nature. The Oxbow sofa features organic lines and offers seating for three – an essential for your modern outdoor lounging area. Pair it with the Just C! coffee table, which fittingly takes the shape of a “C” and provides a place to put your drink or a beautiful potted plant. For something a little different, check out the Moebius double armchair – a cozy spot for two. And then there’s the Klein chair, the Spoon chair and the Bulb chair with a built-in lamp, both making a fun addition to your favorite book nook. The Loop and Hula-Hoop stool and coffee table make a great pair indoors and out. And end the collection with a Dot – the Dot stool that is, a great piece inside, outside, in any corner, it’ll get lots of use and look great too! Check out this modern outdoor furniture collection by visiting Onyx.




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