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French Faucet from Prodigg – new unusually contemporary

prodigg ondato extended body faucet
Straight from Paris, new Ondato bathroom faucets from Prodigg will accent your home. The faucets reach upwards with a distinguishing wavy line, and are intersected with a straight, tapered spout by way of contrast. The easy to use handle projects directly upwards on its smooth, circular hinge. The calm, undulating form of the taps arouses an emotional response and provokes further exploration. Made from solid brass with a high quality chrome plated finish, the Ondato bathroom faucets are available in two different sizes to suit the application you have in mind. Uncommonly contemporary for usually traditional French faucet design, this modern European style will add the finishing touch to your bathroom. Prodigg.
prodigg ondato faucet closeup

prodigg ondato vessel faucet


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