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Freestanding Oval Ceramic Bath by Ceramica Cielo


Le Giare bathtub is an impressive piece that comes to complete the eponymous oval bathroom suite collection. Designed by Claudio Silvestrin for Ceramica Cielo, this beautiful oval shaped tub is the result of an innovative approach to ceramic. Its extra-large size of 226 x 144 cm and its organic shape demand for a central positioning in the bathroom suite. The shell of Le Giare bathtub has asymmetric thickness, which increases towards one end of the oval to form an aesthetical and practical surface on which to place soaps and fragrances. The asymmetric thickness of the edges is what distinguishes the whole Le Giare collection from other similar projects and gives it its unmistakable personality. The sinuous, elegant lines of collection give it an exclusive, contemporary look that will appeal to a demanding, knowledgeable clientele. These pieces need to breathe; they need a lot of space between and around them and also a lot of light in order to express their personality. The bathtub would also look amazing if placed in the actual bedroom. Its imposing size and appearance will make it rival any king-size bed! In order to match most contemporary environments and materials, Le Giare tub comes in glossy white or black, stone or anthracite finish.


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