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Sunfocus Outdoor Fireplace Takes Grilling to New Heights

The Sunfocus outdoor fireplace / BBQ combination certainly takes grilling to an entirely new level. What a sleek, smart addition to any outdoor kitchen. Fully functional as an outdoor fireplace but versatile enough to morph into a grilling machine when you get hungry. The wall-mounted steel fire pit (you can use bio-ethanol) is a real design piece – simplistic in it’s nature yet complex in its style. That’s always the trick, isn’t it? Combining simplicity with complexity in a way that stands up to time. Use this clever space-saving grill/fireplace out by the pool or as part of your outdoor gathering room. You could even mount it on the exterior wall of your urban balcony (where allowed, of course). You can purchase a cover separately, so that when not in use, it becomes a flying saucer shaped disc on the wall. But know that wherever you hang this grill, it will become the focus — and the talking point — of every gathering.

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