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Flos Fucsia Chandelier – Flowless Design

[Contemporary Chandelier]
We pick the Fucsia 8 Chandelier from Flos because of its unordinary for chandelier look. Its beauty is in its simplicity – 8 cones look like “they float in space”. The Fucsia pendant chandelier line has a choice of lighting fixtures with 1, 3, 8 or 12 conical pendants. Designed by Achille Castiglioni, this Flos Fucsia pendants are great choice for any contemporary home, and may even be a perfect choice for an industrial style decor. Flos, Italy, produces these timeless design chandeliers. Prices range from $295 for 1 pendant to $2995 for 12. One place where you can buy them is Form+Function, 1-800-264-0057. Achille Castiglioni who was a professor of “Industrial Design ” in Milan until 1993, has his works featured in at least 10 museums in Europe and US.

Fucsia 8 Chandelier over a contemporary dining table.
Fucsia 12 Chandelier


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