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Fibreglass Chairs – new Felt fibreglass chair by Cappellini

Felt fibreglass chairs is an exciting new contemporary design from Cappellini. Designed by Marc Newson, Felt’s smooth, undulating lines and glossy fibreglass surface are highly appealing. And painted in vivid colors such as red, orange, yellow, green or blue the chair will be the focal point of any room. Or, if you prefer a more subtle look, Felt also comes in classic white and black. Suitable for use both indoors and out, the ergonomic chairs are moulded from a huge piece of reinforced fibreglass. Walk around the Felt chair and see how it appears from different angles. At the back of the Felt chair you’ll find a single aluminium support… an unusual detail that completes the chairs sculptural stance. Contact Cappellini to learn more about the fabulous Felt chairs.



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