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Fab32 Refrigerator from Smeg – the 50’s are back

Smeg really pulls out the Aces with the Fab32. This spacious 50’s design refrigerator is a common theme from Smeg. The bright colors and sleek lines would be an intentional perfect fit into your period kitchen. The 60cm wide unit is 330 litres overall and the fridge itself is 205 litres. The bottom compartment houses 2 fruit and vegetable containers. The dual motors,rapid freezing, and reversible hinges are another few perks of the Fab32. You can order yours in lime green, rosso, or azzuro. This fridge also has a Class A energy efficiency rating. Visit Smeg for to see the other vivid colors or order yours today at Lavabo.

A smaller model Fab30 comes in these existing colors and patterns (see below)



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