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Exposed Beam Vaulted Ceiling creates drama!

Take a moment to appreciate how an exposed beam vaulted ceiling takes this home to new heights. Painted entirely white, the space above feels extremely vast while providing a subliminal geometrical point of interest. If the ceiling or the beams were dark, the ceiling would appear to come down significantly, which can be appropriate for a different design scheme. But this ultra white, modern, streamlined space needs the ceiling to be at its maximum height to keep the look coherent and to enhance the feeling of space. The windows and doors help with this too. Every room in the house has direct access to the outdoors via massive sliding or folding door systems that invite the outside right in. Even though there are few decorative pieces, the ones that are there make the right impact. A large painting with some bright color accents here, some highly patterned and colorful pillows there and there you go; the home comes alive. Against the striking white, color has an intensified effect. The dining chairs are really the life of the decor party, don’t you find? If you’re interested, this beautiful vaulted ceiling house is for sale here.
via Desire to Inspire



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