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Exotic Stone – Creating your personal touch

A new and hot trend is to use Exotic Natural Stone to personalize your home decor – forget about those boring patterns and select a natural stone slab that will be different from any other. Find a slab of Granite or Marble that was blessed by Mother Nature with the “natural movements” and color variations and make it unique for your application. Use it to personalize your kitchen, bath, fireplace or a bar… or even make an art of a piece of stone installed on the wall. It will reflect your own style, and you’ll feel good every time you look at it. See some examples at Exotic Marble & Tile.

Though granite and marble have been around for a long while, these natural stones with new and exotic patterns from locales such as India, Brazil, China and Ethiopia now offer a “rainbow of colors” and unique impressions for your home. Granite especially has its color selection exploded over the past few years. While granite is the most practical material for kitchen and bath countertops in today’s upscale market because of its durability, scratch, stain, and burn resistance, marble maintains its popularity in the bathroom where an exotic marble slab can be a beautiful addition.
Limestone, one of the softer materials available for countertops, is also often chosen because of its ability to turn black from a mineral oil – this gives it an old-world look. …And don’t forget about some very exiting patterns that can be found in slabs of Travertine and Slate.


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