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Entry to Summer Villa Slices through Home to Inlet Dock

The Summer Villa VI is a low lying home located in a forested area of Kustaavi, Province of Western Finland. A long walkway of pale decking leads up to the home and instead of stopping at the entry, it continues under the roof line, through an open passageway to the back deck and beyond to an inlet of the Baltic Sea. The home is clad in a weathered grey tone that blends naturally with the treescape that surrounds it and the pale decking blends with the low growing vegetation on the rocky ground. The overall effect is one that allows nature to be the star of the show, while the home provides the support of lifestyle living. The overhang of the roof line covers large decks on either side of the central passageway for lounging, as does the open passageway.

The open passageway is designed to hold an outdoor dining area complete with an outdoor buffet area. The ceiling is fitted with pot lights so even at night this outdoor space is completely functional. The passageway leads to the back deck and then down a flight of stairs that leads to a long walkway to the inlet.
A door beside the outdoor buffet leads into the kitchen area and the window above the buffet is actually the backsplash to the galley kitchen.
The back deck is also covered and fitted with pot lights. It sports a large outdoor lounge area that can fully enjoy the view through the tempered glass railings.
The lay of the land drops from the front of the house to the back, and the back deck is supported on slender columns that are drilled into the boulders below.
The land continues to drop slowly in the direction of the inlet and the decking travels down a wide flight of stairs to a small landing, where it continues on in a pattern of a few stairs and then another landing. Each landing is large enough for a small group of people to stand or sit and enjoy the views. The outdoor lounge area is balanced by a wall of glass on the other side of the home.
The wall of glass runs the length of the living area of the home. Here, the colour palette is kept light and neutral. Pale plank flooring, white plank ceilings and kitchen cabinetry are highlighted by a mid century dining area that includes Pascal shell chairs. A white shelving unit is tucked in behind the couch for storage and display. And a low coffee table is finished in the same tones as the flooring.
entry-summer-villa-vi-slices-through-home-to-lakeside-dock-8- living.jpg
The pale wood and white colour scheme is continued with the white facing on the wood fireplace and the light wood tones in firewood and the placemats. Additional colour is injected via the art behind the couch and the books on the shelving.
The kitchen is galley style with a long, low window instead of a backsplash. Inset hand pulls and a drop in cook top keep the lines clean and simple and the white counter top continues the neutral theme. Décor is kept to a minimum allowing the views of the trees and water to be front and centre without distraction.
The bathroom is as neutral as the rest of the home. A high window offers privacy while still showcasing the forest beyond.
Although the views of the inlet are stunning, the trees play just as important a roll. The façade of the home has been designed in such a way that it feels as though it belongs to the forest rather then competing with it. The verticality of the trees offers volume and interest to the home as well as much needed shade on a hot summer’s day.
If you prefer sitting in the sun, a pair of outdoor loungers are situated part way to the inlet.
The outdoor loungers face up to the home rather then to the view of the inlet. This way whomever chooses to sit there can still connect to what’s happening at the home and even see people as they arrive. From this vantage point you can also enjoy the views of the forest.
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