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Enclosed Kitchen Sinks with Movable Cutting Boards and Retractable Faucets – new from Blanco

When counter space is at a premium, make the most out of every inch of space with enclosed kitchen sinks with movable cutting boards and retractable faucets. New from Blanco, the Blancoalaros and -Crystalline series of enclosed sinks give you the room to prep and clean up the mess left behind. The Blancoalaros sink is made of SILGRANIT PuraDur II, and its unique symmetry boasts aesthetic design and modern functionality. It features drainers, found on both sides of the main bowl, a lower tap ledge for the retractable tap and two cutting boards that slide over the complete length of the sink. The Crystalline features matte black or white glass elements for a luxury look. The sink bowl is stainless steel, and the faucet ledge and a large flat sink cover, which also serves as a cutting board, are made of glass. Learn more about Blanco line of kitchen sinks on their website.



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