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Elegant Hand-blown Crystal Drawer Knobs from Cristal Decors


Talk about high end drawer knobs! These incredible crystal ball drawer knobs (or pulls) are
hand made in France by Cristal Decors. Hand blown balls are made using craft secrets from 2,000 years ago. Painstaking delicate work produces these crystals – a work of art themselves. Then, cut by a master crystal cutter, they sparkle and glimmer in the light. Each work of crystal art is available with a choice of base – to match whatever your current decor. The vibrant colors are created with fusion at the blowing stage, an important part of the process. Whether you choose facets or bezels or even yet another cut, you’ll find nothing but quality work from this manufacturer. What better way to give an old hutch or dresser a facelift – and a little French flair. Ooh-la-la.



More information: Cristal Decors


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