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East New York Studio Retreat Nestles Into Rocky Outcrop

east new york studio retreat nestles rocky outcrop 1 facade thumb 630x432 22760 East New York Studio Retreat Nestles Into Rocky Outcrop

Located on the back of the owners property, this new studio space was designed by Workshop/apd to allow the homeowner to feel connected with the surrounding nature. Perched on top of an outcrop and overlooking the forest, the homeowner can escape the hustle and bustle of city life while relaxing in the comforts of modern living. Partially visible from the main home, the studio was clad with Dark Ipe siding so as not to detract from the views. The geometric design, while not organic in approach, does not fight with the natural curvatures of the many tree trunks allowing the studio to be part of and yet separate from its surroundings.

east new york studio retreat nestles rocky outcrop 2 site thumb 630x420 22762 East New York Studio Retreat Nestles Into Rocky Outcrop

From the main home the studio is perched on a higher site line then the home but does not detract from the forest views – rather peaks out from amongst the trunks as though to beckon the homeowner to come by and relax.


A loose gravel pathway meanders to the studio coming to an end at two large flagstones that act as the first two steps up to the small deck.


The deck is also covered in Dark Ipe siding and boasts several rectangular cut outs for low growing shrubs. These geometric cut outs appear to spill forward from a large boulder that protrudes the deck area as though the plantings where connected to the boulder in some sort of natural occurrence. The studio takes full advantage of its deck by covering the face with floor to ceiling windows that allow the homeowner to enjoy the panoramic view while staying warm and cozy inside.


The roof line of the studio offers shelter to the deck while at the same time creating shade for the interior. The deck is surrounded in a steel balustrade framework and horizontal cables for the spindles. All the lines of the balustrade, windows and roof line are geometric and in complete contrast with the organic lines of the surrounding trees, and yet the studio does not clash with its surroundings but rather harmonizes with the trees by making use of the long linear lines they create. The architect did this with the use of the bold frameworks on the windows and the cables on the balustrade.


The inside of the studio is quite spacious for its small footprint. Here an over sized leather couch hugs the wall behind a glass topped coffee table. The couch is long and deep and very comfortable. The perfect place to kick back, relax, and maybe have a nap! A large canvas on the wall behind the couch repeats the organic lines the scenery offers but does so in a contemporary composition that keeps the space from feeling too linear. Shelves line the wall and pillows line the floor. Everything is kept simple and clean because after all this space is a place to connect with nature and reinvigorate the homeowner.


In the far corner a comfy chair and ottoman is set up for reading.


What a perfect setting.


Workshop / apd



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