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Charming and Dreamy Small Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom- a homeowner’s person oasis. However, what happens when the room is small? Small bedrooms tend to be a pain to decorate, due to not having the space. Furthermore, there’s the element of not knowing how to decorate it properly. We have done our research and have put together a guide to ensure you get the most out of your small bedroom, while still being charming and even dreamy. Here is how to create a charming small bedroom with all the bells and whistles.

Modern Lines

Even if it’s just a wallpaper take it and transform your walls for that modern sleek approach

Whether the room is big or small it’s all about creating a modern display, that is where modern lines come into play. Regardless, of what hues you decide to use incorporating an abundance of modern lines makes the room feel richer, and fresher while giving you a focal point. The idea is to bring everything to a point without overcrowding the room.

Rustic Please

If you don’t want to add color bring in the wood walls and allow them to be the rustic statement

Rustic décor has become one of those beloved styles. It’s easy on the eye, while still having enough neutrals that you can easily and quickly blend in. It’s all about bringing the most to your décor without taking away from it. Think of it as having a neutral with a twist. Use hues of orange, beige, red, gray and black to bring a rustic touch that makes the room have a little bit of a warming effect.

Bold Pinks

The boldest shade of pink can be just what your room needs to enhance its aesthetic.

Sometimes all a room needs is a hint of bold pink to bring an elevated vibe to it. Add a floral mural to truly enhance the room’s aesthetic. It’s all about making the room come to life while still not overbearing the space with color and texture. Blend in as many hues of pink as you can for a charming yet ethereal approach. Think of it as the perfect way of having your favorite hues of pink without being overly feminine.

Layer it Together

Bring in layers with different textures to truly make a statement all while maintaining your color palette

Many times, layering might seem like the contrary thing to do due to wanting to add less to a smaller room; however, layering is an excellent option. Especially when it comes to layering multiple sets of cushions, blankets or both. It’s all about bringing warmth and coziness to the room. The cozier the room feels, the less likely you will focus on the size of it. Furthermore, you want to keep in mind, that layering will also bring a focus to the bed which always works well.

Upholstered Headboard

The bigger the headboard the grander the appeal, giving you the perfect excuse to embrace your upholstered bit

Having an upholstered headboard could be just what a smaller room needs, it adds contrast while still having texture. It’s all about working with the room and what it has to offer. Use a colorful upholstered headboard for the perfect focal point that’s daring yet effective. Pair with other bits in the same hue for a dreamy display. You might even want to consider having your headboard as the focus of the room overall.

Tropical Wallpaper

A simple tropical wallpaper, wall can make the statement the room needs without taking away from it

What better way to go on a vacation every day than to have a tropical wallpaper? Not only are you getting that vacation vibe from your wallpaper, but if you truly add bold colors to the room you will always feel as if that space is your personal oasis. Think of it as the perfect way of decompressing by simply using décor you already know and love. Use bright hues of green and blue to truly embrace the appeal. You might even want to add a plant or two for the charm.


When in doubt, consider a colorful monochromatic vibe for a daring yet sane twist.

It’s all about monochromatic this year and we are obsessed! You want to create a room that flows without taking away from the square footage of the room, that is where a monochromatic approach will come into play. Add in bright shades of white, and perfectly pair them with black to truly make the room come to life, while only using two hues. If bringing color is your idea of monochromatic use one hue that truly speaks to you and have that become a focus instead.

Almost Open Plan

Keep it as airy as possible, but with a twist of sleek that feels like an open floor plan

Having an open floor plan might seem like the ultimate idea when you have a small bedroom, but sometimes it can be a little overbearing or even a bit too open. Which is why we love the idea of being almost open. Meaning not every space is open just enough to make the room flow without overtaking the floor entirely. It’s about creating a balance where you need it most. Creating that balance will open up the room, giving you a more expansive approach.

Bring in a Rug

Use a small rug to maintain the floor square footage as possible, giving you that larger appearance

Do not shut down the idea of adding a rug, many times a rug can be what the room needs to feel cozy yet come to life. It’s all about expanding the room’s aesthetic, while still remaining put together. Keep everything cohesive and pair that with a sleek rug for a fun touch. You could even go for a textured approach when you want to bring focus to that area. It’s all about working with a multidimensional item.

Minimal and Clean

Minimal keeps the room sharp for a grand touch

Though we are active believers in filling the room with everything you like and want, we also believe some rooms are better off being minimal and sleek. Bring only the items you truly need in a room to ensure it is minimal yet feel clean. Furthermore, consider having bits of clean lines to further enhances the minimal approach. Work with neutral hues to make the room feel grander.

Which of these ideas do you love best? Share with us below.


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