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Dreamy attic rooms that will make you fall in love

Riddle us this- how many times have you actually been in your attic? If you’re anything like us, then you can count on one finger how many times you have been in your attic to explore it or put something away. Many of us have taken the attic as a storage room or a dusty place that nobody truly goes too. However, they have the potential to be beautiful, intimate rooms that feel almost like a retreat from the rest of the house. We show you how to create a dreamy room that you can enjoy, away from the craziness of the rest of the home.

Make it a guest room

If you have enough room in your attic, consider adding a sofa to further push that comfort that applies in the room.

An extra room can always come in handy, particularly if you have a guest’s in your home on a regular basis. Add in two or more twin beds depending on the size of the room and create an asymmetrical room with a hint of comfort and beauty. Keep the colors, airy and fresh for a minimal appeal that makes sense to the room.

Take advantage of every nook

Have a window in your attic that is placed as part of a nook? Take advantage of it and embrace the space with a calming window nook relaxing space.

Many attics have multiple nooks in them naturally. With that being said, take advantage of every nook and cranny to create something different. Whether that be a reading space or even a smaller retreat, taking advantage, in general, will allow you to make the room come to life.

Smaller Apartment?

A small attic apartment is great when you want to ensure your guests feel right at home and have a bit of personal space as well.

If you have a decent size attic, why not transform it into a little apartment? Make your guests feel right at home with a smaller space that offers everything they need from a bathroom to even a small kitchen the idea is to have a cozy room that feels almost like home.

Architectural Structure

Embrace the structure to make the room feel as authentic as possible. Decorate around it for a beautiful contrast that makes sense to the room.

Due to the structure attics have, overall, it is quite easy to focus on evolving the room. Evolving the way, the room with the main focus being on how the room is structurally created is one of the best ways to keep the room as organic as possible. Focus on the high ceilings and create a higher feel to the room with a structure that is ample and tall.

Add a Bathroom

Whether your attic is big or small a bathroom can always come in handy. There could never be enough bathrooms in a home.

If you have extra space and have yet to figure out how to decorate is or use it, a bathroom is never a bad idea. There is always use for an additional bathroom, take the idea of creating a spa-like retreat and make the bathroom feel like just that. A quiet room where you can sit and relax whenever you need a minute or two to yourself.

Keep it cozy

Add a rug and additional pillows and blankets for that cozy appeal that makes you feel right at home.

The attic is one of those rooms that lends itself to be sort of a “napping oasis.” Keeping that in mind, add as many cozy features as you possibly can. Furthermore, consider adding a sofa bed with blankets and throw pillows.

No headboard

Having no headboard is perfect for those that want to make the room feel larger and sleeker.

Who says every bed must have a headboard? On the contrary, we love the idea of not adding a headboard to your attic bed in order to make the ceiling look and feel taller, keep the bed and the floor and use a little bit of décor as you possibly can. The idea is to keep the room minimal yet grand and comfortable.

Bring on the game room

Bring on the games! We love the idea of making an attic feel grand with the help of a game room.

Depending on the size of your attic, consider installing a game room. Game rooms are always a nice treat to have in your home. They give you a nice space to enjoy with friends while having all the adult toys you can now use in your own home.

Writing Space

When you are working with a writing nook, add a few bookshelves to ensure the room feels special and unique, but with an aura of creativity in the air.

If you are a lover of all thing’s words, or a natural born writer, having a space dedicated to your work could be exactly what you need. Add a simple desk with plenty of lighting and a comfortable chair to bring out your creative juices.

Get Creative

When getting creative go for color! The more color the better, it allows you to be as expansive and as creative as possible.

Last but not least, get creative! We love the idea of creativity because it allows the room to feel put together but with a personal touch. The main reason being you can effortlessly add your decorating style and truly make it your own when you are in that specific space.

How do you decorate your attic? Share with us your ideas below.


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