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Do’s and Don’ts Of Eclectic Home Décor

Eclectic style has become quite the popular trend, making it easy to love yet quite challenging to achieve when you don’t know the rules of décor. To help guide you towards your next big eclectic renovation, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts when decorating with electric home décor.

Do: Pay Attention to Layout

Your arrangement should feel cohesive and put together even when you are working with an eclectic decorating style. Which is why focusing on the layout of the room is very important. Focus on keeping the space strong and beautiful yet useful.

Your layout should be your main focus when you’re considering a different décor concept. Do not forget that the way your décor is laid out is the way the room will be perceived. The idea is to have a layout that displays warmth instead of clutter.

Don’t: Forget to have a Focal Point

A daring wallpaper as a focal point is perfect due to it being fun, bold and charming while still having that essence of eclectic that you want the room to have. Pair with bold color to further enhance that daring aspect in the area.

When you are decorating with an eclectic style it may be difficult to add a focal point. This is mainly due to this specific style having too many moving parts at once. Therefore, in order to avoid an over clutter of accessories and/or furniture you want to create a focal point. Your focal point should have an eye-catching element, such as an accent wall, a fireplace, or a daring decorative piece.

Do: Think about what the room will be used for

Take the beauty of the room and further enhance it with the pieces you incorporate. The key is having the room work for you instead of the other way around. Add furniture pieces that brighten the room and will elevate your additional accessories.

Consider how the room will be used when you are picking out your décor. You want to add pieces of furniture and accessories that will further enhance your décor while bringing that classic eclectic decorating style.

Don’t: Overcrowd the Space

Overcrowding a room may seem like a difficult task to achieve, but when you are working with a decorating style such as an eclectic one there are tons of moving parts that need to be incorporated. Therefore, it may become easy to do so. The key is removing one item from a room when you purchase a new one.

Styling a room with an eclectic style does not mean you take every piece of décor that you love and throw it in a room. There’s a fine line between layered pieces and overcrowding a space. You want to take into consideration the size of the room and work from there. Take pieces out if the room seems overly decorated or add unique bits when the room appears a bit empty.

Do: Select one main color

For that seamless eclectic touch choose a main color and work around it. Add it in a big way such as in a boldly painted wall. Doing so will bring the color to the main focus of the room while having it displayed throughout the space.

The room should have one main color that unifies the space. Let your preferred color be the factor that brings a seamless overall look. Whether you use a bright green, or a muted blue let that color be the shade you return to time and time again for a uniform look.

Don’t: Be afraid of Pattern

Do not be afraid of lighter hues and pattern. Just because a room is meant to have an eclectic feel doesn’t mean it needs to be filled with bold hues and symbolic rugs. The area can be eclectic and still have an underline elegance.

Pattern for most may seem intimidating, but when it comes to eclectic décor pattern is your very best friend. Select one or two patterns and work them into the area, allowing them to be the main focus in the room.

Do: Keep Balance

Having balance in a room means you have the right amount of elements that enhance the space. This may include a few pattern elements or a rug and/or a mixture of both. Keep it simple and enjoy a welcoming eclectic decor.

Balance is key in any decorating style, but it is extremely important when you are working with eclectic décor. This is mainly due to there being so many different options to eclectic décor that it may cause you to want to display all of them at once. However, in order to keep a balance, you want to follow the rule of having fewer accents then furniture. Doing so will create the perfect balanced display.

Don’t: Be afraid of Change

Keep it sleek, keep it simple and keep it eclectic. The idea is creating the perfect space while having that trendy new vibe throughout. Consider using neutral softer hues and mixing in simplier pieces that make sense to the room. 

Eclectic décor isn’t for everyone. Even though it is extremely trendy at the moment this specific decorating style tends to take people by surprise because it is quite eccentric and hippie in a way. If you are trying this style do not be afraid of mixing and matching other pieces in order to make this decorating style personal to you.

Do: Be Cohesive

Don’t have just one eclectic room spread the decorating style around the home instead. Doing so will create that cohesive appeal that you want for an eclectic appeal that flows throughout. Use bright hues and similar patterns throughout the home for a similar approach throughout. 

One thing to be aware of when decorating with an eclectic feel is you want to remain as cohesive throughout the space as possible. The more cohesive you are, the more seamless the decorating style will flow throughout the home.

Don’t: Hold Back

Do not hold back on color or patterned pieces you want to go all out when it comes to your decor. The key is brightening the space while having the key eclectic pieces spread throughout.

Eclectic style is portrayed as bold fabrics, daring patterns, and adventurous paintings. Therefore, go big or go home and enjoy every bit of your new decorating style.

What other do’s and don’ts of eclectic décor do you follow? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.


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