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DetourDVD – “interior design that moves”

DetourDVD offers to decorate your room … with motion graphics. They record DVD’s that contain slow moving purely visual tracks. When you aren’t watching you TV, instead of staring at the black screen you put the DVD’s on to bring some tranquility into your space or to set your mood. The DVS’s can be programmed to loop or play at random, in ‘cold’ or ‘warm’ colors. They work similar to a screen saver on your PC. Designed for Wide Screen TV’s only. There are different types of graphics that would be nice for the modern interior space. Each DVD plays for over 75 min.and sells for $29.95. DetourDVD also produces custom motion graphics for clients like House & Garden, “O” The Oprah magazine and Yahoo to name a few. See some previews at DetourDVD

DetourDVD’s slow moving track screen shot


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