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The Desert Villa design by Studio Aiko uses the natural environment to create a comfortable and sustainable residence that is as stylish as it is cozy. Built into the sandy slope with only one side exposed, the sand of the desert is used as a temperature regulator, and just in case it is still too hot inside, the home has a large circular void cut within the roof structure as a heat release. With a large concrete pad for outdoor relaxation and a wall of window glazings for outdoor gazing, this desert abode creates both an indoor and outdoor living experience. The project was originally approached as an interior and exterior visualization for Winestein Vaadia Architects, whose brief requested a peaceful and calm surrounding. I would say Studio Aiko achieved the peace and calm with a touch of wow.

In this version of a desert home a small seating arrangement takes full advantage of the views beyond. Next to the seating is a small wood stove for those nights that prove to be a little chilly and beyond the fireplace is the dining area. The dining area features a fun mobile above the table and a heat release void on the far wall. The long wall of glass follows the curvy lines of the roofline while the laminated columns add in a linear aesthetic.
A third version features a flat roof rather then a curvy one. Here, slats create a gridded heat release over the covered deck and the wall of glass wraps around 3 sides of the residence rather then just one. In all three versions of theis desert home concept, the features of sand as a temperature regulator, voids as heat release and walls of glass to expose the views are a continuous. What changes is purely design aesthetics and whether you prefer the curvy or linear approach, you have to admit all 3 are pretty awesome.
Studio Aiko


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